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Competitive Training Kit

new competitive training kits

All Competitive teams will be buying a NEW club Training Kit over the winter. In order to manage the demand, we are selling the kits in phases starting with 12U - 19U Academy Blue and Academy White teams. A unique store link was sent for all players on these teams to the email address provided in the Guardian #1 field of the Summer 2020 Competitive Registration. Please use the unique link sent for each player to ensure the correct number is printed on the training jerseys. Players on all 9U-11U and 12U-19U Select Blue and Select White teams will receive their store link next.

The mandatory Training Kit includes one long-sleeve jersey, one pair of shorts and one pair of socks. For $10 more you can buy the Recommended kit which also includes a new short-sleeve training shirt.

The long-sleeve training jersey includes the player number and can become used on game days when the temperatures are low.

training kit faqs

Q: Are all Competitive teams buying the training kit? I received this message for one of my players, but not the other. 

A: At this time only 12U+ Academy Blue and Academy White teams (and possibly a few other select teams who have early Winter training/leagues) are buying the training kit but all teams will be purchasing this over the course of the winter. “Academy” refers to our new team naming system, not the Youth Academy program which is for players bridging Rec to Competitive. There is a unique store link sent for each player to ensure that the correct number prints on the training jerseys. Please place orders using each link sent.

Q: Aren’t we getting new uniform kits for the Summer? Why are we buying two kits?

A: We are getting new uniform kits for the Summer 2020 - Fall 2021 seasons. This training kit is separate from the uniform and is intended to create a unified club look while training and give us options for additional outfitting for winter leagues, Futsal, etc.

Q: Are these kits only for Winter training use?

A: No. While the initial use of these training kits will be for the upcoming winter season these pieces will be used for training year-round.

Q: Why is there a player number on the long-sleeve training jersey?

A: By adding the number to the training jersey players now have a warmer option for games when the temperature is low.

Q: Why do I see two mandatory kits in the store?

A: The $50 version includes one long-sleeve shirt, one pair of shorts and one pair of socks. For $10 more you can purchase the $60 Recommended kit which also includes a new short-sleeve training shirt with the number printed at no charge.

Q: Why didn’t I receive the email regarding training kits?

A: As Summer 2020 TeamSnap pages are not yet live, messages were sent to the email addresses provided as Guardian #1 in the 2020 Summer Competitive registration. Please check with your spouse or family member who may be listed as Guardian #1 in that registration.

Q: Why does my training kit # not match my uniform #?

A: In select cases due to player movement there are duplicate numbers on the same team. The number assigned for the training kit will be the number on the new uniform kit as well.

Q: How do I know what size to order?

A: Samples are available to try on at Planet Soccer in Burnsville.