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Eagan Wave families gain access to the sports medicine expertise of Summit through on-the-field athletic training services, and same- and next-day appointments with a sports medicine specialist should injuries occur. Summit’s team has treated athletes of all levels from: Olympians, pro, collegiate, high school, and youth athletes.

most Common soccer injuries

Soccer is a lively team sport that encourages children to cultivate the active habits of a healthy lifestyle. We’ve got some information about common soccer injuries to increase your awareness and help you to take steps that can keep your child safe on the field.

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multi-sport athletes

When it comes to the number of sports your child plays, Dr. Pepin advises that more is better.

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evaluating knee injuries

Sports-related kneecap injuries are common among young athletes. Dr. Skendzel explains when these injuries should be medically evaluated.

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artificial turf safety

Artificial turf is growing in popularity. But concerns have been raised about the safety of these synthetic fields. Dr. Skendzel explains what we know about the safety of artificial turf today, and what we hope to learn from research that is underway.

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Young Player wellness

Fitness habits start us on the road to a healthy active lifestyle. How early should parents start encouraging children in sports? Dr. Skendzel shares his thoughts about how parents can cultivate good health through activity.

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the female athlete triad

The female athlete triad refers to a medical condition that is caused by the player exercising too much or eating too little, putting their health at risk.

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"Soccer players need to have speed, power, endurance, agility, quickness, flexibility, and strength to play the game to their potential. The annual training plan co-designed by The Power House, Summit Orthopedics, and the Eagan Wave coaching staff will allow athletes to develop in their athletic performance and potential while also improving their skills and tactical ability on the field."
Max Lipset, Former pro soccer player and owner of The Power House

5 Speed, Agility & Quickness DrillsĀ 

Speed, Agility & Quickness, also known as SAQ, are three of the top athletic qualities required to excel in many sports. Training them has benefits for many reasons and soccer players especially require all three of these athletic qualities in bunches. The definition of speed is the time it take to cover a distance between two points, literally distance divided by time. Agility is the ability to change directions as fast as possible. Quickness is the ability to execute multiple steps in a sequence as fast as possible. In over a decade working with soccer players and other athletes looking to improve their SAQ, I have used hundreds of drills to improve these athletic qualities. The below are my 5 favorite drills - video links are included or click on the pdf for the complete drills.

1. Sprint at an incline

2. Pro Agility also know as the 5-10-5

3. Hurtle Drill

4. Lateral Shuffle

5. Jumping Rope

This blog was written by Max Lipset, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, founder and owner of The Power House MN. Mas has coached Varsity high school soccer in Minnesota for the past 10 years at St. Paul Academy and Summit School. Max played professional soccer for the Minnesota Stars, the Kitsap Pumas, and La Paz FC, in the Bolivian First Division and has worked with dozens of professional and collegiate soccer players around the country to help them realize their potential as players of the beautiful game. Please contact with follow up questions or to learn more about the services offered by Max and his team at The Power House MN.