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Weather/Heat Index Guidelines

Heat Index Guidelines

The safety of the players, coaches, and spectators are of primary concern during any recreational soccer practice or game.

Remind your players to hydrate before coming to the field and to bring ample water.

Air Quality Guidelines

We will cancel practice and games when the Air Quality level is in the Red zone or higher. A decision will be made 90 minutes before your practice/game begins.

As always parents know what is best for their child. Please let your coach know if you won't be able to make practice due to the air quality conditions if it is not already cancelled.

If the AQI is high but we are still playing, build in water breaks.

The table below shows when and how to modify outdoor physical activity based on the Air Quality Index. This guidance can help protect the health of all children, including teenagers, who are more sensitive than adults to air pollution.
Check the air quality daily at