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Irish Dome Reservations


Irish Sprots Dome

Dome Registration / Reservation Process

Each year EWSC reserves a fixed amount of field time at the Rosemount Irish Dome for Club soccer training and team reservations. Beginning on 26 October 2014, EWSC has created an online registration system in which teams can reserve Dome field time for team practices.  This system is intended to make your winter practice planning easier and more productive. 

Teams must be affiliated with EWSC Traveling or Recreation programs for the 2015 summer season to use this pre-reserved facility space.

Dome Registration Information 

EWSC's field time at the Rosemount Irish Dome can be scheduled at the Google link below.



- Enter your team code into any blank "white" space....and the field is reserved! Easy!
- A team code example is "15GC1" and can be found on the "Team List" tab on this Google doc.
- A Dome block is listed as field 1E, 1W, 2E, 2W, 3E, 3W, 4E, or 4W.
- Each Dome block is 1 hr of a 1/8 sized field (30x40)
- Dome times with "
RED" font are 1.5 hour timeslots
- Gray "x" spaces are unavailable.
- Your team will receive a bi-monthly invoice from EWSC.  Fee summaries will be posted from each month.  (See tabs on the document.)
- If the Dome is closed due to weather, fees will not be charged.
- Please DO NOT erase any previous team reservation slots.
- If you wish to switch spots with a team, you can look-up their manager name using the "Team List" tab.

All team reservations are on a first come/first serve basis. EWSC, however, wants to maintain a reasonable equity between teams yet maximize utilization of the space.  It will be at the discretion of EWSC to make changes necessary to provide equal accessibility of the facility. All teams are strongly encouraged to be reasonable and accommodating in sharing on-line dome space. 

Note that times are limited in November and December in the Dome due to EWSC's Training Camps.  Please encourage your soccer player to register!


Dome Field Schedule & Layout

Free Dome Time

Included in player registration fees are three indoor practices at the Rosemount Irish Dome that are provided and paid for by the Club.  Session duration is 1 hour each, 1/8 of the dome.  Field times for those sessions will be assigned by the Club and will occur during the months of March and April.  These schedules will be announced to managers and coaches by mid-December.

EWSC Dome Schedule

Dome time is allocated to EWSC training camps as first priority.  Therefore, some field times will have limited availability.  The dome season will run from 3 November 2014 through 30 April 2015.

Irish Dome Cost

See Google Doc - Instructions tab (at bottom of doc).  Note:  prices are discounted in Nov/Dec. Friday evenings and 1-1/2 hour rentals.

Field Description

  • Fields are divided into 1/8 sesions with one full sized net per playing area (190' x 90')
  • Field signs will be posted on the netting above every field.
  • A field map will be available at the front desk, but EWSC field assignments will not be available at the front desk.

Irish Dome Layout

Shawn Kottke

EWSC Treasurer

Irish Sports Dome Location


13901 S Robert Trail
Rosemount, MN  55068


John Zeilinski

EWSC Fields Director

Non-EWSC Field Space Options

The club has NOT reserved field times at the following facilities.  All rental terms and agreements will be the responsibility of each individual team.  

(Please note: Per EAA, teams are not eligible to use the non-profit tax status.  Only contracts that the club's president and/or treasurer signs are allowed to use the non-profit tax id.)