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Recreational Soccer

Eagan Wave Soccer Club - Recreation Program


Welcome and thank you for your interest in Eagan Wave recreation soccer.  Our program's focus is to create a FUN environment for kids of all ages and abilities to learn and play soccer. 

We have two distinct seasons:

1) Spring (Beginning of May - Beginning of July)

2) Fall (Beginning of August - Beginning of October)

We offer leagues starting at Pre-K ages and continuing through 12th grade. 

Our PreK and Kindergarten leagues are co-ed, while the remaining leagues are gender separated. 

Note: 1st and 2nd graders have the option to join our Rec+ program, where they play more competitive soccer without the extensive travel required by our competitive program.

Map of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Fields

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Fields are at the corner of Yankee Doodle Road and MN Highway 13.  BCBS is where many of the REC and REC+ soccer games are played.  The below map details the field numbers.  

2016 Spring Rec Soccer Registration Closed! Fall season registration opens June 1st.



Coach and Volunteer Registration Link‚Äč

Register for background check and CDC online concussion training (good for 3 years). Link will direct you to both.

2016 9-12th Grade Co-ed Soccer Registration

We are now accepting registrations!

Registration Website

2015 Eagan Wave Spring Invitational Tournament Picture Gallery

Pictures taken during the 2015 Rec Invitational Tournament for the 5-8th grade league during the week of July 6-11. Thank you to all the players and parents who participated in the tournament. (If any parents have pictures they would like added, please forward to Kelly Riehle, Rec Tournament Director at

  • Congratulations Girls Champions! Eastview Lightnings
  • Girls 2nd Place Eagan Wave Barcelona
  • Congratulations Boys Champions! Apple Valley Tigers
  • Boys 2nd Place Eastview Lightning
  • Boys 3rd Place Burnsville Thunder
  • Eagan Blast scrimmaged Burnsville Boyz United.
  • Eagan Earthquakes between halfs.
  • Eagan Liverpool - mid game huddle.
  • Apple Valley Patriots planning their second half strategy.
  • Apple Valley Patriots (blue) vs. Eagan Wave Earthquakes (neon).
  • Eagan Ajax (Orange) vs. Burnsville Soccer Sharks (teal)
  • Eagan Wave Milan (purple) vs. Eastview Lightning (blue)
  • Few of our awesome referees overseeing the tournament games.
  • Eastview boys team enjoying complimentary lunch between games on Saturday, July 11. Beautiful weather for some soccer.
  • Eagan Liverpool (green) vs. Apple Valley VAA-G3 (columbia blue)
  • Awesome save by Eagan Blast goalie against Apple Valley Patriots.
  • Eagan Liverpool having post game fun.
  • Eagan Blast (Orange) vs. Apple Valley Patriots (Blue)
  • Eagan Liverpool (green) vs. Apple Valley VAA-G3 (columbia blue) Eagan Milan vs. Eagan Chelsea in the background.
  • Hanging out with friends at the soccer tournament (Eastview girls).
  • Eagan Earthquakes (neon green) vs. Eagan Timbers (teal)